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We offer a full range of abrasive products, including: • Slitting Disc • Cutting Discs • Grinding Discs • Flaps Discs • Poly Discs • Fibre Discs • Sanding Sheets • Sanding Belts • Emery Rolls • Hook & Loop Discs • Flap Wheels • Wire Wheels & Brushes • Hand Pads

Slitting Discs

Extra thin slitting discs are an incredibly good value product with an exceptional cost per cut ratio. Manufactured to European quality standards, a high performance disc designed for speed, accuracy and long life. Our Extra Thin Discs do not contain iron, sulphur or chlorine so are suitable for stainless steel cutting applications.

Cutting Discs

Cutting Discs are available for use on a variety of metal & stone applications in an extensive range of sizes. Our experience in manufacturing processes developed over nearly 3 decades, combined with the use of premium quality raw materials enables us to produce cutting discs with significant increases in product lifespan, performance and quality. All our cutting discs are manufactured to European safety standards and marked with EN12413. our discs offer professional quality performance and are a great value cutting disc, priced competitively with an exceptional cost per-cut ratio.

Grinding Discs

Grinding Discs offer heavy duty abrasive grinding, professional performance and outstanding product life. Available for both metal & stone applications in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit a wide variety of working machines. All Grinding Discs are manufactured to European safety standards and marked with EN12413. Grinding Discs are an incredibly good value product with an exceptional cost per cut ratio.

Grinding Wheels

Made from premium quality, high grade silicon carbide (green) abrasive grit. Vitrified Silicon Carbide Bench Grinder wheels are engineered with precision for extensive product life and cool and consistent grinding on a wide range of metals. Designed for use on a bench grinder or pedestal grinder for deburring and sharpening of parts and tools.

Flap Discs

Premium quality grain flap discs are engineered for maximum performance stock removal, blending and finishing. The lightweight fibreglass backing absorbs vibration and makes this product incredibly strong and durable. Flap discs are long life & suitable for a full range of metal applications including stainless steel. Flap Discs discs are manufactured to O.S.A. Safety standards

Flap Wheels

Top quality range of spindle mounted wheels available in a comprehensive range of sizes and grits. Ideal for deburring and general cleaning applications. Designed for use with electric drills and air tools and suitable for a broad range of applications.

Poly Discs

Ultimate performance Poly Discs have a unique structure and synthetic resin coating which enables effective removal of rust, paint, thermal blueing and other contaminants. The lightweight fibreglass backing absorbs vibration and makes this product incredibly strong and durable. The design of these unique products ensures a minimal risk of scratching the work piece. Suitable for a wide range of materials. For use on angle grinders.

Fibre Discs

Fibre Sanding discs range features a full resin bond system with heavy duty fibre backing. Professional quality for the professional user and available in a range of quality levels designed to give premium performance on a wide range of material applications.

Hook & Loop Discs

Industrial quality 150mm Hook & Loop Sanding Discs available with dust extraction holes or without. The aluminium oxide grain has a specialised stearate coating and a semi- open grit binding which prevents clogging and significantly increases the sanding speed. Suitable for general purpose sanding but specifically designed for applications involving paints, lacquers, putty and primers i.e within the automotive industry. The heavy duty paper backing makes the product extremely durable and long lasting and the Hook & Loop backing ensures quick and easy changes on most brands of sanders.

Sanding Belts

Extensive range of sanding belts for use on portable sanders and large industrial sanders. Manufactured from premium quality materials and strong, durable cloth backing to ensure maximum performance and professional results. Suitable for use on a broad range of materials including stainless steel.

Emery Roll

Industrial quality Emery Rolls in handy, easy to use dispenser packaging. Premium quality aluminium oxide grain bonded to strong yet easy to tear J-weight cloth backing. Designed for general maintenance work, rust removal, sanding and polishing. Popular for use in the automotive industry.

Hand Pads & Wire Wool

Non-Woven Hand Pads provide consistent surface preparation. Ideal for cleaning a wide range of applications and specially designed to resist loading, prolonging pad life. Tightly woven for consistent action without compromising durability. Flexible construction is ideal for grooves, scratch in channels and other hard to reach areas. Available in 4 different levels of coarseness for different applications.

A range of industrial quality Steel Wool suitable for a variety of surface preparation and finishing applications. Made from selected high grade steel. Designed to be pliable enough to reach contours on ornate surfaces.

Wire Wheels

Our comprehensive range of wire brushes are tested to extremes to ensure maximum performance when used in industrial environments. We stock an unrivalled range of wire brushes for all machine types and applications, both in general purpose and specialist quality levels.

Wire Brushes

A comprehensive range of heavy duty wooden handled scratch brushes. Industrial quality brushes suitable for a multitude of cleaning applications.


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